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Netcast is located in Lisbon in an area called LX Factory. Lx Factory is a group of abandoned 19th century warehouses and factories is now Lisbon’s biggest hub of creativity, an “island” in the center of the city for companies related to art, fashion, advertising, and design.


In Lisbon we have 3 studios with cyclorama, (White/Chroma key) equipped with ProHD cameras, make-up and dressing rooms with a selection of simple props and wardrobe to use in the castings. In Porto we have 1 studio with an 70m2 cyclorama (White/Chroma key) equipped with the same cameras and with an independent audio studio.
Room for 2 editors, where we create all presentation formats from video, photographic or voice castings.


Room for 2 editors, where we create all formats of presentations from video, photographic or voice castings.


Production rooms and one meeting room with visual access to one of the studios, where directors, agency or production crew can work during the casting without interference.
Wi-fi access.


Lisbon and Porto are considered two of the most beautiful cities in the world. Netcast studios are great shooting locations, where you can fake a loft, disco or open-space office. Around, there are a few cafés and shops to serve not just those who work here, but also visitors.