Netcast in Lisbon is located in an area called LX Factory. Lx Factory is a group of abandoned 19th century warehouses and factories and is now Lisbon’s biggest hub of creativity, an “island” in the center of the city for companies related to art, fashion, advertising, and design. In Porto Netcast is located in an old Mason Cooperative, with car access inside, near the centre of the town

About Us

Netcast started as a casting agency committed to prospect and engage talented actors and models. Our experience with local talent enabled us to build a large portfolio, which offers the needed flexibility to meet any casting challenges. Today, Netcast is much more than a casting agency. Is a well known casting production company, working in the portuguese major cities, with in-house studios, production and post-production departments and a team of specialized casting directors, offering a complete casting service.


» Casting pre-production, direction and post-production.
» Web platform to manage the work flow between casting agencies, Netcast and production companies, with secure remote access with personalized login.
» 3 in-house equipped studios for castings, and production companies to rent.
» Country wide scouting, with facilities in Lisboa, Porto and Algarve.
» Database with professional actors, models, extras, walk-ons, local crowds and stand-ins.


Netcast Lisboa
LX Factory
Rua Rodrigues Faria nº 103 G04
1300-501 Lisbon – Portugal

T.+351 213 609 400
+351 918 849 400 / +351 914 591 680
+351 933 208 935 / +351 913 860 941
+351 968 405 225 / +351 919 575 311

Netcast Porto
Cooperativa dos Pedreiros
Rua D. João IV nº1000
4000-300 Porto – Portugal

T.+351 917 338 717
+351 913 936 950